The love for luxury, originality and a good fashion sense gave rise to leading African leather brand, Corporate Luxury by Ade George, a bespoke leather company that deals in unique briefcases and other leather accessories. Speaking on why he created the company, Ade George disclosed that there was a need to always revive the true African cultural element the country has and as such, the need to constantly preach Africanism through luxury.

Ade George

He said ‘ we get our leather across African countries and cities; our products are named after the African cities we source our materials from. Take for instance the AG Lagos briefcase, the materials used were sourced here in Lagos, Nigeria’, he explained. A proudly African brand, it is pertinent to state categorically that all of the leathers used for their products are sourced from African cities such as Nairobi, Bamako and other leather-making cities. The idea is to make customers feel like they are carrying a piece of Africa with every Corporate Luxury product and to encourage them to explore Africa.

Speaking more on the uniqueness of his brand; George affirms that he is yet to see any of the so called European big brands whose briefcases are better than his products. A lot of these brands are centuries old and invest more in marketing and branding; but in terms of quality, there are a whole lot of African brands making better products than these big names, the more reason why we need to buy more African products to grow the African economy.

When asked about the sustainability of the brand knowing that there are other leather brands in Nigeria, George reiterates that Corporate Luxury is not in competition with Nigerian brands. The plan is to overtake the big European leather brands, not in terms of marketing budgets but in terms of quality assurance and value for money.

corporate luxury briefcase
corporate luxury briefcase

Ade George equally doubles as the Founder/CEO of Trinitas Foundation and is an Ambassador of the ECOWAS Youth Council. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State and He also holds an MSC in Business Communications.