If you’ve been following our post closely, especially the previous one, you’ll notice that we’ve somehow figured you out based on the king of bags you carry. Yes, you read that right, we are right inside your head. 

We know exactly who you are and we are not even psychologists. Without further ado, let’s jump into the next categories;


For a very long time, backpacks have been associated with kids, teenagers or schoolgoers. Generally, when you see a backpack, your first instinct is BOOKS or probably Laptop, but things are fast changing. Carrying backpacks now have a more modern fashion appeal, and just like kids, it could mean that free-spirited and always ready for the next adventure. You live for today and make the most of it while it lasts.

Briefcase (Men)

The briefcase was once an iconic item for every working man. It still is iconic for most working men, but in this 21st century, it has become more of a fashion statement than it is for just work. Carrying a well-designed symmetrical briefcase made sense when wearing a well-tailored suit or agbada, a nice pair of shoes, a wristwatch on the wrist….it just makes you look dapper.

Purse-onality wise,  it could mean that you are a well-planned individual. Your schedules have to be met almost all the time, your organizational skills are always on point, and productivity wherever you are, is a must.

Crossbody Clutch Bag

Yes, clutches can also be called bags. The clutch is one bag growing in popularity in the fashion industry. It is either worn in front of the body or behind the body when it has a handle or strap. In any case, most people choose Crossbody because it can be kept close, and they do not want to lose sight of anything they hold precious. So, if you love a crossbody clutch, you love intensely and are particularly guarded and protective. You are most likely to be introverted.