So, James Blunt wrote the popular song “you’re beautiful” and it became a massive hit, loved by every lady and on the lips of every man who wanted to make a woman feel special. In later years, the song was once rumored to be about a wristwatch! ??

I guess this is what inspired my love song to Victoria…

I saw her on a hot sunny day dressed like a victorian secret model in a most unusual place, the popular Balogun market in Eko. She stood out from everyone and everything else. With girls like this, you get one shot, and you’ve got to make it the most beautiful ever, you’ve got to make the most of it.

Victoria was different, although I amongst others were scared of approaching her because her classiness and poise made us seem inferior, even I in my 2020 Brabus, limited edition, she gave us different shades of her finesse. See for yourself…

You may be thinking, all these for VICTORIA? I can totally assure you, she’s totally worth it. She transforms everyone, she makes you beautiful when she’s in your arms. I saw it so I know it. I knew I had to have her for myself, so I mastered every detail about her and searched her up on the internet immediately I got home. The wonders the internet performs!

She’s been right in front of me all along and I had just not looked. Her pictures were glamorous, but they did no justice to the beauty I saw today.

Guess what? I finally got her, for $580