I wake up at 2 am in the morning to drink some water. Everywhere is so dark, so I make use of my phone’s screen as a torchlight. After satisfying my thirst, I want to satisfy my other curiosity. Let me know who has checked up on me, who cares about me? How many people called or sent a text? It is then I see a glaring bling on my phone, Crap! I have a job interview at 9 am!

I have applied severally to IBIC Holdings, a company that is legendary for their great way of treating their staff, so I was determined to get in at any cost, even if it is a cleaning position, lol. 

But this is 2 am and I am so far, far away from home.  Chioma, my friend whose house I end up in is slimmer than I am and more petite too, so now I am thinking of what dress of hers I can borrow to go for my interview. If I try to make it home, Lagos traffic would keep me at least five hours on the road and I might not get in for the interview on time. I decide to wake Chioma up! Together we opt for a blue dress, it looks sophisticated enough, but it is quite short. So Chioma has an idea, she pairs the dress up with a Victoria Ostrich Briefcase from Corporate Luxury and an anklet which she says would make me look sophisticated and ‘badass’ enough to distract anyone I meet for all the right reasons. I trust her, she’s the fashion guru, even if I do not, do I have another choice?!

I make my way up the staircase, I am conscious of the eyes of the neatly dressed ladies and gentlemen scrutinizing me from head to toe. I wait five minutes before I am called in. I am tense. 

As soon as I enter the interview area, a man who I later come to know as the boss comments on my taste for quality and how I look like a model as I sat and waited with the bag by my side.

“Is that a Victoria Ostrich Briefcase?” He inquiries

“Yes, it is sir!” I respond

Little did he know that I had used the Victoria Ostrich Briefcase to strategically cover my legs as the gown I was putting on was short. This complement helps in boosting my confidence, the rest is history. 

N.B: I am sitting on my Sales Manager cushion seat, writing this.

I was offered an even higher role than I was called for because I looked the part and carried a ‘career-boosting’ briefcase. After the opportunity the briefcase gave me, I refused to let go of it, even if it meant cleaning Chioma’s house and doing her laundry for a month, afterall, it brought me all the luck I got. I’d acquire more Corporate Luxury bags as soon as I hit my next target!