Bags speak louder than voices. It’s great to have one for every occasion, but don’t we always have a favorite of every item? Just like zodiac signs, your (favorite) handbags reveal a lot about you.

Read on to find out what yours is…

A Tote Bag

A tote bag is the definition of simplicity and sophistication. In most designs, it usually is a huge bag often lacking fasteners other than a pair of parallel handles on either side to hold the bag by. A tote bag can contain everything needed for the day, from a book for when you are stuck in traffic or going to a coffee shop or the most essential of things like your makeup. 

Carrying a tote bag shows that you are one who is ready for anything, tote bags can also mean, you are a businesswoman who likes an easy carryall while still looking fancy.

A Clutch

Talk about a bag so small it can barely contain anything. The clutch is every fashionista’s best friend and preferred bag for a classy night out with friends. A little tip-off for the guys; It also means she is high maintenance and wants the world to know it. So guys, when you see a lady with a clutch, make sure you have a “fat” wallet.

A Briefcase (Women)

Carrying a briefcase is a loud fashion statement. Briefcase carriers are always sassy and confident. They are focused on their goals and love their looks to scream it. Briefcases are carried mostly by entrepreneurs, CEOs, bankers, …etc.

…to be continued