It all began with a need to have a well-designed portable briefcase, one that would be almost everlasting, one that withstands the scorching sub-Saharan sun but at the same time be fashionable. These were the words of Ade George, and with these words, Corporate Luxury was born. 

Can we all agree that there are levels to the degree of a scorching sun in different parts of Africa? Take West Africa for instance; where temperatures can rise to about 40 degrees (in Celsius), that’s hot enough to cook an omelet. How then do leather and leather products thrive in such a climate?

Naturally, when exposed to a humid or hot climate, leather is bound to absorb some of the heat and humidity. To some degree, humidity helps keep the leather soft but with too much of it, the leather starts disintegrating. Nobody wants that!

At Corporate Luxury, our raw materials sourced from countries around Africa, made with top quality calf hides have been chromed, tanned, dyed-through and then drum rolled to give the leather a buttery soft touch and a slightly more pronounced grain. The leather has been treated with a protector, aired and dehumidified to get rid of unpleasant odor, dried naturally and completely. 

Our products have been protectively kept in a dust bag. It is wonderful to handle and will not wear out easily. Corporate Luxury leather can stand the test of time!

Briefcase in its Dustbag
Corporate Luxury Briefcase in its Dust Bag